‘clubbed to death’ got abused?

It is really funny when you saw different non-related things are assigned with the same scheme, yeah, but it did happened. Here the whole story:
last night, I just browsed videos at youtube.com for some Jeep owner, wow, a poor guy did awesome job on re-built his beast (ZJ). His jeep got ever damaged by jealous guys, so he feel desperate and assigned ‘clubbed to death’ as background music, fully understood, uh?
wow, then funny things are: when you try to search that song again in youtube, guess what? ‘Black Hawk Down’! terrific vid but little bit sad story for U.S troops in Somali. That is definitely cooooool because after that, some guys event gave ‘SmallVille’ with the same music. Abused anywhere!
at last, I share one of them here, must see that, specially in that scenario: helicopter fly over beautiful sea:


About Pang

Oracle DBA working in database, fusion middleware and identity management and cloud.
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