Will interest rate hike again?

Interest rate in Canada going up again ? some guys in CIBC predicted it would happen quickly (canadianmortgagetrends.com : http://www.canadianmortgagetrends.com/canadian_mortgage_trends/2008/06/interest-rate-u.html) .
Well, Inflation is one thing, but bad economy is another important factor cannot be ignored. Facing both sinking economy and high inflation from oil price, government  has to find some place to keep subtle balance. They probably choose to maneuver rate in  much more moderate way. Traditionaly, they keep inflation rate under 2% (http://www.bankofcanada.ca/en/inflation/index.html)

Why it means a lot to me? I am house owner with mortgage, no surprise.  Let us see what arrive in coming 3 months?


About Pang

Oracle DBA working in database, fusion middleware and identity management and cloud.
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