Canada’s mortgage credit slump

It is not news however it still falling. Look this post from "Canadian Mortgage Trends".
"18 lenders have pulled out of the Canadian mortgage industry.  Dozens
of others have cut products and notably tightened lending standards. 
Based on the estimates we heard from lender executives last fall, the
credit markets have taken longer than expected to revert to normal. 
Some in our industry now think it could be next spring or longer before
credit loosens up for subprime borrowers" .
Obviously it is NOT Canada’s problem and it came from the south market. No one can talk about, make comments, make judgment then jump to *conclusion* with ONLY eyes on this thing in Canada. They run away because serious loss in their U.S. heart area.

G8 countries can’t survive without U.S, but the stronger can survive at the last run. I called it "fatter become thinner, thinner go to the edge".  Game just started.


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Oracle DBA working in database, fusion middleware and identity management and cloud.
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