agentDownload – deploy Oracle EM agent on Solaris from Linux OMS

Q: Put my database into OEM grid control as soon as possible, can it be done in 10mins?
A: Deploy Oracle EM agent via agentDownload .

Oracle OMS: on Linux x86
Target database to monitoring: on Solaris

1 ) download EM agent from, put it to specific folder in OMS machine
Note: we have to do this because target database running on different platform

mkdir -p $OMS_HOME/agent_shiphome/tmp
cd $OMS_HOME/agent_shiphome/tmp
unzip -a ../

ls  $OMS_HOME/agent_shiphome/tmp  agent_download.rsp.bak  instructions.txt  solaris

mv agent_download.rsp.bak  agent_download.rsp

mv $OMS_HOME/agent_shiphome/tmp/solaris  $OMS_HOME/sysman/agent_download/

2) download agentDownload script to target database server from Oracle OEM grid control
Note: make sure your oracle inventory is correct.  /* check /var/opt/oracle/oraInst.loc in Solaris */

export OMS_PORT=4889

wget http://$OMS_HOST:$OMS_PORT/agent_download/

chmod u+x agentDownload.solaris

3) install EM agent via agentDownload
 ./agentDownload.solaris -h

Usage: agentDownload.solaris [-bcdhimnoprstuxN]
   b – baseDirectory of the Agent OracleHome
   d – Do NOT initiate automatic target discovery
   h – Usage (this message)
   i – Inventory pointer location file
   m – To specify the oms hostname for downloading the agent install
   n – To specify the cluster name
   o – OLD_ORACLE_HOME during Upgrade
   p – Static port list file
   r – Port for connecting to oms hostname
   t – Do NOT start the Agent
   u – Upgrade
   x – Debug output
   N – Don’t prompt for Agent Registration Password

./agentDownload.solaris -m $OMS_HOST -r $OMS_PORT -b $ORACLE_HOME/..
Enter Agent Registration Password: [ hit RETURN if you don’t need secure communication between Agent and OMS. In any case, we can configure it later after installation ]

$ORACLE_HOME/../agent10g/ needs to be executed by root to complete this installation

Note: run by root to finish EM agent installation.

4) check target database in OEM grid control
By default, EM agent will discover target database during installation. However, you can always add/remove/configure target database in OEM grid control afterwards.
Note: check schema dbsnmp in target database, change password or unlock this account so that EM agent works properly

10 – 20 mins work depens on your machine . Easy piece, uh?


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Oracle DBA working in database, fusion middleware and identity management and cloud.
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