Oracle EM Agent Crash on Linux x86-64

Problem: EM agent goes offline unknowingly, bounce agent then it will repeated after a while
Reason:   Agent upgraded to or database upgraded to, which trigger bug in health check metric on Linux x86-x64

Solutions: Choose Plan A or Plan B.

Plan A: Upgrade the Grid Agent to version.
1. Shutdown the monitored target database.
2. Rename the $RDBMS_HOME/dbs/hc_<sid>.dat file to $RDBMS_HOME/dbs/hc_<sid>.old
3. Apply Patch 5872000 on the database Oracle Home
4. Restart the database
5. Verify that the $RDBMS_HOME/dbs/hc_<sid>.dat is newly created with a size of 1544 bytes.
6. Verify that the Agent can now collect the Healthcheck metric without any issues now.

Plan B:  disable the Health Check Metric Collection in Grid Control 10.2
go to Grid Control -> database -> Metric and Policy , modify all 7 metrics belong to Health Check metric category:
Instance Status, Instance State, Maintenance, Mounted,State Description,Unavailable,Unmounted.


About Pang

Oracle DBA working in database, fusion middleware and identity management and cloud.
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