Oracle 11gR2 silent installation

Oracle silent installation is straightforward though it always change a little with every major release. Here I show you tricks and tips during Oracle 11gR2 silent installation.

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Command /2 tricks/

directory_path/runInstaller -silent [-noconfig] -responseFile  absolute_path/response_file

It is case-sensitive !

Real story /tips and tricks/

#If oracle home is not empty and we didn’t use runInstaller *** -force option, it will die with following messages

CAUSE: The chosen installation conflicted with software already installed in the given Oracle home.
ACTION: Install into a different Oracle home.

# If system are not satisfied with Oracle installation requirement, it  will show
following messages.

CAUSE: Some of the optional prerequisites are not met. See logs for details. /oracle/OraInventory/logs/…log
   ACTION: Identify the list of failed prerequisite checks from the log: /oracle/OraInventory/logs/….log. Then either from the log file or from installation manual find the appropriate configuration to meet the prerequisites and fix it manually.
[WARNING] [INS-13014] Target environment do not meet some optional requirements.

# If DECLINE_SECURITY_UPDATES is not set to FALSE, Oracle will try to set up OCM (Oracle configuration management with metalink credential), it will died with following messages.

[SEVERE] – Email Address Not Specified

# If DBA and OS group is not specified properly, it may die with following messages

   CAUSE: User is not a member of one or more of the chosen OS groups.
   ACTION: Please choose OS groups of which user is a member.


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Oracle DBA working in database, fusion middleware and identity management and cloud.
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