how to lookup Oracle report server over network?

Whenever creating new report server, it is good idea to check out if its name is already used. Does Oracle provide such tool? yes, this script is


$ ./

REP-50507 Invalid number/type of arguments specified

Usage : -find <server-name> | -findAll [-conf <config-filename>] [-timeout <timeout in  sec>]

                  OR  -monitor [-log <log-filename>] [-conf <config-filename>]


$ ./asinst_1/config/reports/bin/ -findAll
Reading the rwnetwork.conf from : ./asinst_1/config/ReportsToolsComponent/ReportsTools/rwnetwork.conf
Broadcast mechanism used to locate servers
Channel address =
Channel port  = 14022

(1) Name = rep_mydomain_dev : Type = server : Host = dev1
(2) Name = rep_mydomain_prod : Type = server : Host = prod2


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Oracle DBA working in database, fusion middleware and identity management and cloud.
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